100 day challenge


One of the best ways to keep the soul from shrivelling is to stay active in evangelism. We are either growing or shrinking, but we cannot stay the same.

On January 1st I challenged myself to preach the Gospel open air for the next 100 days.   My goal is to preach a different message every day and keep a running blog with daily testimonies, photos, videos and an outline of the message you can download for your own use.  Follow my progress at jacobbock.space. (Spanish mostly)

So here is my challenge for you.

For the next 100 days, give your soul a dose of revival by sharing the Gospel.  Here are five ways to do that.
  • Pass out a gospel tract
  • Do personal evangelism
  • Share your testimony with a stranger
  • Pray for a stranger
  • Preach open-air
You can register for the 100 day evangelism challenge any time.  When you do, I will commit to pray for you during those 100 days.  My 100 day blog.
2017 is a time for growing in evangelism.  Take the challenge!
jacob bock

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