Breaking Cultural Rules

Is it okay?

I took a class on Spanish Culture the other day.  It was mostly for newcomers to Spain so they would know what to say or not say in this culture to be able to fit in.  What to do and not do, so as not to offend natives of the land.

Here are some of the things I was reminded of:

  • You don’t want to stand out in a crowd.  Best to be an apple in a bowl of apples.
  • There is a high sense of shame.  What will people think?  What will they say about me?
  • Never talk about death.  Talking about it may bring it about sooner.

I raised my eyebrows with every point.  ONTHEREDBOX breaks everyone of those cultural rules.

We are encouraged to be culturally sensitive, not offend and to find common ground if we want to reach people for Jesus.  I am not against that thought, but I don’t think it should be our guide in evangelism.

So what should be our guide?


Did Jesus ever break the rules?

  • Healing on the Sabbath?
  • Touching a leper?
  • Talking to a woman in private?  And a Samaritan!
  • The scribes:  “You offend us when you say that.”
  • “You are of your father the devil!”

When He asks you to preach on the subway or bus or some public place,  what will you do?  You don’t really want to be one of those people, do you?

At ONTHEREDBOX our goal is to be obedient to the command to preach the Gospel to every person.  Our platform is a Red Box.  That is what God gave us.  And even though we break the rules of the culture, the interesting thing is God uses it and draws people in.

Go figure.

jacob bock

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