Why be a pig

When you can be clean?

Your thought life is filthy, you live in the mire of sin and would love to change – but you can’t. That is, until you have an encounter with Jesus at the Cross!

Ontheredbox presents THE CROSS

The Cross: the solution to your problem. This four minute video continues the series of animated videos explaining the foundation of the Gospel message.

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Five proofs your faith in Christ is real

It is easy to say you believe. Here are five proofs that your faith is authentic. If you have truly been born from above and on your way to heaven, then these five things will be evident in your life.

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Five proofs that you know God – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

  1. You do not practice sin.
  2. You do what is right in God’s eyes.
  3. You love fellow Christians.
  4. You overcome sin, temptation and the world.
  5. You believe Jesus was sent by God to save you.


jacob bock

*Special thanks to the Apostle John for sharing this with us.

The reason I don’t count salvations

It is common for evangelistic ministries to count salvations.  ONTHEREDBOX is not in the habit of doing so.  There are several factors that convince me counting is not a great idea.


The story of the sower talks about four people who heard the Gospel.  Three “got saved”, but in the end, only one brought forth fruit.  It is pretty difficult to know, in the end, who will persevere.  Demas was a “fellow worker” with Paul the Apostle in the ministry but in the end deserted Paul because he loved the present world.


A lady on the street told me that someone got saved. “They said the prayer, and that is the most important thing,” she said. So are we counting a prayer?  Do we count those that raise their hand in a church service or respond to an altar call or those that fill out a contact card?  Do we count church attendance or baptism?  I suppose there are numerous ways to count, but none of them reveal genuine conversions to Christ.

Doesn’t the book of Acts give numbers of people saved? Not really. But it does give the approximate numbers of those that received the Word, were baptised and added to the church. (Acts 2:41)


The times I have counted, my motive was so other people would think well of me.  I wanted folks to know that my evangelistic methods worked and that I was effective.  It is the same reason why I like to take pictures and video when there is a larger crowd listening to our open-air preaching.  Pretty sad.

Consider this.

ONTHEREDBOX says things like:

  • We preached to so many tonight…
  • I talked and prayed with 4 people today.
  • Someone came to church and responded to the call of repentance and faith.
  • So many received the Word, were baptised and added to the church.


“Aren’t numbers important to God?”  I would image they are.  So why don’t we let Him do the counting? God has a book in heaven called the BOOK OF LIFE.  He is the only one that knows the names written there.  You could ask Him how many people have been Born Again through your ministry, but I think you might have to wait until judgement day to find out!


The idea is that God receive all the glory for those that repent. How about we enjoy being co-laborors with Christ and leave the results in His hands?

jacob bock

Breaking Cultural Rules

Is it okay?

I took a class on Spanish Culture the other day.  It was mostly for newcomers to Spain so they would know what to say or not say in this culture to be able to fit in.  What to do and not do, so as not to offend natives of the land.

Here are some of the things I was reminded of:

  • You don’t want to stand out in a crowd.  Best to be an apple in a bowl of apples.
  • There is a high sense of shame.  What will people think?  What will they say about me?
  • Never talk about death.  Talking about it may bring it about sooner.

I raised my eyebrows with every point.  ONTHEREDBOX breaks everyone of those cultural rules.

We are encouraged to be culturally sensitive, not offend and to find common ground if we want to reach people for Jesus.  I am not against that thought, but I don’t think it should be our guide in evangelism.

So what should be our guide?


Did Jesus ever break the rules?

  • Healing on the Sabbath?
  • Touching a leper?
  • Talking to a woman in private?  And a Samaritan!
  • The scribes:  “You offend us when you say that.”
  • “You are of your father the devil!”

When He asks you to preach on the subway or bus or some public place,  what will you do?  You don’t really want to be one of those people, do you?

At ONTHEREDBOX our goal is to be obedient to the command to preach the Gospel to every person.  Our platform is a Red Box.  That is what God gave us.  And even though we break the rules of the culture, the interesting thing is God uses it and draws people in.

Go figure.

jacob bock