The Ministry of Ontheredbox

Who, what, why and how

Who are we?

Ontheredbox is a ministry that God raised up in 2002 in Madrid, Spain.  It consists of about 80 Christians from local evangelical churches that dedicate themselves to prayer proclamation of the Gospel and training of evangelists.  We have 20 volunteers that make up our leadership team.

What do we do?

Monday through Saturday we open our coffee house and prayer room from 4:00 – 7:00 pm.  Then we evangelize on the street from 7-10 pm.  All Christians that participate in Ontheredbox are part of our Basic Training Course that teaches the Gospel message, how to do personal evangelism, share your testimony and preach an illustrated message.  We also have classes every month as well as our online school.

Why do we do what we do?

The main reason we pray, evangelize and train is so that God will be glorified.  He has called us to these things and by our obedience we please Him and He advances His Kingdom.

How can you participate?

  • Become a FRIEND on the Ontheredbox NETWORK.  This gives you access to all of our ebooks and videos.
  • Take the free online Basic Training Course.  We will walk you through the basics of Ontheredbox style evangelism that will help you become more effective.
  • Join us in Madrid, Monday-Saturday.

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How to Form a Team

New video to share

Today I am sending you the first video called, “How to Form a Team”.

This is the first of several that we are producing to help people understand the basic teachings at ONTHEREDBOX.

With this video you can:

  • Watch it.
  • Download it.
  • Embed it on your webpage or blog.
  • Copy the link and share on social media.

Let me know what you think of it!

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Restoring Passion in Your Ministry

Collection of thoughts by Leon Freitag

1) Never forget the Great Commission.

Why are you doing what you are doing?  The Great Commission is our motivation.
Every person has an eternal soul which will spend eternity in heaven or hell.  This means
every child, every teenager, and every adult walking on the face of this earth has an
eternal destiny.  We have been commissioned to affect their destiny.

2)  Never allow your calling to stalemate.

-What are you doing to enrich yourself and your ministry?  Praying in the Spirit, reading books that challenge and meditation are the coals of fire that keep us fresh and relevant. What flows into our life affects what flows out.  Allow the springs of the Spirit to flow into your soul.  

3)  Never become perfunctory in what you do.

-If you can do it without a fresh anointing, you will reap the temporal not the eternal.
Even the most elementary hearer can tell whether it is fresh from God or just warmed up left overs.  Less of the Spirit means more of the flesh, which do we want to leave with people?  I have met many eloquent speakers in my day but only a few touched my spirit.  People will be quick to forget the words we speak, but will remember for years the Spirit’s anointing

4) Never place a program over people.

If success of a program is more important to us than people than we will continue to have
ideas but no one will be listening.  It is only the anointed gospel which transcends time.  All methods have a shelf life.  With that being said, there are good ideas and bad ideas, so choose wisely on what you are hinging your ministry.

Leon Freitag – AG superintendent ND district.

Brother Freitag and his wife Diane are the superintendent’s of the ND District Assembly of God. Julie and I are ordained with the North Dakota district.


What method gets the most results?

Evangelism that works

When folks look at Ontheredbox style evangelism at a distance, what they want to know is, “Do you see results by preaching Ontheredbox?  Does that method work.”  Churches and evangelists are looking for something new and creative that will result in more people in the church and more people saved.

Here are four things to help you stay focused and encouraged.

  1. Be obedient and do what God tells you.  Your ideas of what you think “work” usually don’t coincide with God’s ideas.  God gives you the ability and grace to do specifically what He calls you to do.  Results are not your goal, obedience is.
  2. Give what you have.  God freely gives YOU something.  Give that away freely. You can’t give away what you don’t have.  I stand on a box and proclaim.  It is what I have to give. You may paint, write or do sports as your “red box”.
  3. The important thing is the Message, not the Method.  We are commanded to PREACH as we GO on our way through life.  The Gospel Message can be dressed up in many ways.  Be creative in your Method but never change the Message.
  4. Visible results are not a good way to measure effectiveness.  The majority of “results” are unseen.  God advances His kingdom in the unseen realm when you are obedient to freely giving what He has given you.


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Help us make our prayer house “permanent” in Madrid.

Give toward our project.




The Solution and The Invitation. Video three.

If you watched the last two videos of The Four Columns of the Evangelistic Message, you will be able to sympathise with the students in our class.  After elaborating in detail about SIN, GUILT, JUDGEMENT and HELL, I called for a coffee break!  Nobody wanted coffee.  They wanted GOOD NEWS!

The Solution and The Invitation.

Today we conclude our series on this teaching with THE SOLUTION and THE INVITATION.  Pack-jammed full of good news, you will learn what Jesus did for you on the Cross and what you must do to receive eternal life.

If you want to take our Basic Training Course, we offer it for free online.  In the course we offer these videos, some reading material, tests and a bunch of homework that gets you out on the streets to put into practice evangelism.  We will help you become more effective at soul winning!

So let’s get to the Good News in today´s video.

Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save you.  Will you turn to Him and surrender your life to receive Salvation?

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