The Ministry of Ontheredbox

Who, what, why and how

Who are we?

Ontheredbox is a ministry that God raised up in 2002 in Madrid, Spain.  It consists of about 80 Christians from local evangelical churches that dedicate themselves to prayer proclamation of the Gospel and training of evangelists.  We have 20 volunteers that make up our leadership team.

What do we do?

Monday through Saturday we open our coffee house and prayer room from 4:00 – 7:00 pm.  Then we evangelize on the street from 7-10 pm.  All Christians that participate in Ontheredbox are part of our Basic Training Course that teaches the Gospel message, how to do personal evangelism, share your testimony and preach an illustrated message.  We also have classes every month as well as our online school.

Why do we do what we do?

The main reason we pray, evangelize and train is so that God will be glorified.  He has called us to these things and by our obedience we please Him and He advances His Kingdom.

How can you participate?

  • Become a FRIEND on the Ontheredbox NETWORK.  This gives you access to all of our ebooks and videos.
  • Take the free online Basic Training Course.  We will walk you through the basics of Ontheredbox style evangelism that will help you become more effective.
  • Join us in Madrid, Monday-Saturday.

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20 Ways to Pray for Others

slide presentation and PDF download

In our Prayer House at Ontheredbox, we use the Scripture as our prayer book.  Take Romans 12 for example.  Here you have a list of 20 things Paul encouraged the Italians to have in their life.  I want these characteristics in MY life!  I want them in the life of those on my evangelism team and in my church.

I have prepared a simple slide presentation to help you pray biblically for others.  As you intercede for someone else, God is sure to work the same in your life as well.

How to Pray for others – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Click below to watch the slide presentation or if you would rather download it as a PDF version, you can do so here.



Use this guide to pray for others. It is taken from Romans 12.

How to Pray for Others

  1. Love.  Be genuine in your love for others.
  2. Hate.  Abhor what is evil.
  3. Cling.  Cling to what is good.
  4. Honor.  Show honor to others.
  5. Zealous.  Not lazy in zeal.
  6. Boiling over.  Fervent in spirit.
  7. Hope.  Rejoice in hope.
  8. Patient.  Patient in tribulation.
  9. Constant.  Constant in prayer.
  10. Generous.  Contribute to the needs of the saints.
  11. Hospitality.  Seek to show hospitality.
  12. Bless.  Bless those who persecute you.
  13. Rejoice.  Rejoice with those who rejoice.
  14. Weep.  Weep with those who weep.
  15. Peace.  Live in harmony with one another.
  16. Humble.  Do not be haughty.
  17. Lowly.  Associate with the lowly.
  18. No vengeance.  Repay no one evil for evil.
  19. Give.  Feed and give drink to your enemy.
  20. Overcome.  Overcome evil with good.

Also, Andrew Murray has a great 31 day guide that I have prepared so you will receive one email a day for a month. It is free

and worth signing up for.  Guide to intercession.


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Diary of Souls

Keeping track of who you talk to

During the month of June I decided to keep track of all the people we talked to on the street during our evangelism outreach. It is our Diary of Souls! A typical round of evangelism consists in a song, a testimony, an illustrated message and then personal evangelism.

I asked our evangelisers if they would write down the following in our “Diary of Souls”.

  • Name of the person you witnessed to
  • What country they are from
  • Did you pray for them?

At Ontheredbox, God has blessed us with people willing to evangelise with us 6 nights a week.

At the end of the month of June, this is what we discovered.

  • We talked to 400 people about their eternity.
  • They came from 40 different countries.
  • We prayed for over half of them.

Keeping a Diary of Souls has it’s benefits.

  • You can see some visible results. You are making an impact.
  • The evangelisers stay very encouraged seeing who God brings to us.
  • We then pray for each of them by name in our prayer house.

Assignment: Begin keeping a Diary of Souls in your own life and ministry. You may be surprised at the results!

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A Chance to Give Back

join me in something BIG!

Good morning from Madrid.  I want to thank you for being a part of the Ontheredbox family.  I know you signed up because of your desire to be more effective at winning the lost. I am convinced that the resources on our NETWORK have been a great help to you.

Today I wanted to give you a chance to join me in something BIG!

Our ministry center at Ontheredbox is located in the main square of Madrid.  We have been renting for 12 years.  A few months ago we had to make the decision to either BUY our facility or LEAVE.

We chose to purchase.

This is historic.  Now we will have a PERMANENT place for:

  • The Prayer House
  • Training Center
  • Coffee House
  • Daily Evangelism

We only have a few more months left to raise the funds to purchase.

I wanted to give you the chance to give back to Ontheredbox by giving an offering. Any amount will be a great blessing to this ministry.

Together we can make history.  Let’s keep Ontheredbox in the center of Madrid!

Follow the links to our giving page.  Keep up the good work of proclaiming the Gospel.

how to give



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Four resources you don’t want to miss

and all for free

The team at Ontheredbox loves to provide materials to help you in the areas of prayer and evangelism.  If you proclaim the Gospel, you will pray.  When you pray, the fruit will be a desire to evangelize.  As a coin has two sides or a bird two wings, so prayer and evangelism go together.

Here is a list of resources you might have missed.

Ontheredbox NETWORK
Signing up for the FRIEND membership. It is free and you will have access to dozens of videos and ebooks to help be more effective in evangelism.

The 31 day Prayer Challenge
Andrew Murray wrote over 120 books and most of them on the devotional life.  In this one-month free course, you will receive a daily email teaching you how to intercede more effectively.  You will love this course!

Ontheredbox BLOG
Every week I will send you a short article about prayer or evangelism.  I know how challenging it can be to be on the street doing evangelism and my blog aims to encourage you and help you become more effective at proclaiming the Gospel.

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Behind Closed Doors* is an allegory that gives crisp imagery to powerful dark forces that wear a pretty face. It’s the story of a man’s longtime entanglement with pornography. Jack was helpless in part because the power of lust was multiplied three-fold by its other companions.

Have the materials Ontheredbox offers been a help to you? Forward this on to your friends that love to do evangelism!

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Does God really need you to pray?

Part 2

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Does God really need me to pray for Him to accomplish His purposes?”  God is all-knowing and all-powerful.  In fact He already knows what I need before I ask Him!

Let me show you something curious.

  1. Jesus prayed.  Jesus! God dressed in flesh.  He was constantly getting away to pray to His Father.  Did He really need to Pray?  Could the Father have not accomplished His purposes without the hours Jesus spent in prayer?
  2. Jesus showed us how to pray. He basically told us to go into a secret place and ask, seek and knock.  If we do that, we will receive, find and get the door open.

I think I need to stop complicating this thing called prayer.

  • If Jesus prayed.  You pray.
  • If Jesus said ask.  Then ask.
  • When He says seek.  Then seek.
  • If he says knock.  Then knock.

It is really not that complicated.

And let me end with a warning today.  Beware of entertaining questions like, “Does God really need me to pray or does He really need me to witness?”

God has chosen to co-labor with us to accomplish His purposes.  He needs you to witness and He needs you to pray.  So witness and pray on!

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31 Day Prayer Challenge

One month with Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray was a South African missionary in the 19th century. He is best known for writing 250 books on the devotional life. He also had the privilege of being used by God in the South African revival of 1860. I have extracted from one of his books a 31 day guide called, Helps in Intercession. Sign up


Today I want you to sign up for a 31 day challenge to give your prayer life a boost!

When you sign up, I will send you an email once a day for the next 31 days. Each letter will instruct you WHAT to intercede for and HOW to pray. It will take less than 60 seconds to read, although you can spend as much time praying as you want!

Sign up here and I will send you the first lesson within three minutes.

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It’s Time We Be FRIENDS

Join our NETWORK

Ontheredbox is a Prayer and Evangelism Training Center.  For the past 14 years we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to these three things: Prayer, Evangelism and Training.

God has taken the idea of Red Box Style Evangelism and inspired many in both Europe and the Americas. This is what many want to learn:

  • Effective personal evangelism.
  • How to preach open-air messages that are Christ-centered.
  • How to form a  team and evangelize on the streets.
  • How others are doing it around the world.


The Ontheredbox NETWORK is a digital library of resources for evangelism and a social network for teams doing Ontheredbox style evangelism. (Spanish and English)

This week we have opened up registration for the NETWORK so that you can join!  There is a free level of membership called FRIEND that gives you access to all our ebooks, videos and Gospel tracts.  I am convinced you will find something in the library that will help you be a better evangelizer!  Sign up today.

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P.S.  Once you sign up and take a look around, let me know if there is anything you would like to see added.  We are adding things continually.

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