Don’t give up on God

in tough times

Small storms come and go in your life and for the most part you pull through and hang on to God.  You remind yourself that God is good, that all things work together and so on.  Then you are hit by a hurricane.  A tragic death, divorce or some other unspeakable loss.  Then those verses aren’t as easy to quote.  You might even slip into a crisis of faith.

This is my last video in a series on how to get through tough times. I talk about not giving up on God.  Keep on praying.  I recorded this 2 months ago when I was still dazed from the death of my wife Julie.  I am not dazed anymore!

What I am saying is, I have not changed my mind about what I said in the video.  Hang on to God.

Check out my one-minute video.

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