The CALL to Repentance and Faith

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I present to you the final animated video in the 4 column series. “The Call to Repentance and Faith.” Professionally animated with first-class audio, this video will show you in 3 minutes what it means to turn from your sin and turn to God. Free to share! [youtube id=”59qlCBHxpME”]   jacob bock

Why be a pig

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Your thought life is filthy, you live in the mire of sin and would love to change – but you can’t. That is, until you have an encounter with Jesus at the Cross! Ontheredbox presents THE CROSS The Cross: the solution to your problem. This four minute video continues the series of animated videos explaining the foundation of the Gospel …

Five proofs your faith in Christ is real

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It is easy to say you believe. Here are five proofs that your faith is authentic. If you have truly been born from above and on your way to heaven, then these five things will be evident in your life. Click play on the image below to see the 5 slides. Download the PDF here. Five proofs that you know …

The reason I don’t count salvations

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It is common for evangelistic ministries to count salvations.  ONTHEREDBOX is not in the habit of doing so.  There are several factors that convince me counting is not a great idea. 1.  HOW DO I KNOW IF SOMEONE IS SAVED? The story of the sower talks about four people who heard the Gospel.  Three “got saved”, but in the end, …