Another reading plan? You have got to be kidding?

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I am not the kind of guy that doesBible reading plans.  My personality is not to follow a daily schedule – but to “fly by the seat of the….. anointing?” Anyway a friend of mine showed me a system of Bible reading by Grant Horner.  That was two years ago and I have to admit that it has been GREAT for …

Triangular Focus

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The first time I heard this expression was when I was reading Ev Bogue’s blog.  It made great sense to me. You simplify your life to the point where your life revolves around three things.  The three things that matter most to you. For me the three things that matter are: 1.  Prayer 2.  Evangelism 3.  Mentoring Prayer is my …

Free poster for signing up

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Receive a high-resolution poster of this original drawing of “THE EVANGELIST” for free, when you sign up for my blog.  Upon subscribing I will send you a link to download the 34 MB file.  Limited to the first 100. Until the whole world hears… jacob bock

Three things that matter

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by jacob bock.  Subscribe to these posts in the sidebar to your left. This blog is about what matters most to me. Prayer Evangelism Mentoring It is instructional.  It includes tips, instructions, advice and wisdom on the three things that matter. If you are desiring to abandon yourself to God and give your life to prayer, evangelism and mentoring, no …