The Platform of The Four Columns

Introductory video

Over the years, ONTHEREDBOX has developed a platform for evangelism called “The Four Columns”. It is important to base your evangelism on solid biblical truths and not fall into the temptation to modify the message to make it more palatable for the listener. You can modify the method of presenting the message but you must never modify the message. The idea must be to modify your heart to the message.

During the 15 years at ONTHEREDBOX I have studied the preachers of the past 500 years. What did they preach? What were the messages of the great revivals of the past? I have studied the message of Jesus and the Apostles and have seen both promises and warnings in their evangelism. I discovered that all great evangelism throughout history was built on the foundation of The Four Columns.

Today I launch the introductory video of the The Four Columns.

In this 3-minute video I give an overview of what the four columns are. Over the next few months I will be releasing four more videos, explaining each of the columns in more detail.

You may download it, share it, post it, and show it at church or at your bible study.
It would be good for you to watch my full version teaching on The Four Columns here.

jacob bock

Special thanks to our creative team that made this video possible.

Script: Jacob Bock
Grammar and story editor: Karen Prevost
Theology and storyline editor: Paul Collins
Motion graphics: Francisco Garrido
Translation of Spanish Text: Ana Villoslada
Voice-over narration: Juan Manual Martinez and Nate Butler
Sound effects: Marvin Glockner
Funding: Gifts from people that love ONTHEREDBOX

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